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St. Thomas Harbor is an anchorage in St. Thomas – South Coast.

St. Thomas – South Coast is a charter location in St. Thomas, a yacht charter area in US Virgin Islands.

The anchorages on St. Thomas – South Coast:


During the 1800s, St. Thomas Harbor was the most respected commercial seaport in the West Indies. The harbor is in St. Thomas. The location of the port and superior facilities attracts massive traffic inflow from all corners of the USVI and beyond. Merchants and trading companies favored the seaport because it has extensive floating docks, excellent machine stores, lucid channel marking, and cheap harbors fees.

Besides being a temporary mooring haven for merchants, tourist, and travelers seeking fun and relaxation can moor their water vessels and go about having the fun. The place also boasts of beautiful beaches, resorts, restaurants, and many fun places.


St. Thomas Harbor is on Virgin Island, and a car is the best way to navigate through places in USVI. If you don’t own a car, use a taxi or hire a car from Henry E or Cyril E in St. Thomas. Alternatively, if you prefer to go around the harbor without a vehicle, use the taxi with the USVI license and service light. Caution, avoid taking rides from gypsy taxis drivers because they are not recognized and licensed. You can identify licensed taxis by their big sizes.

If renting a car or taxi is not your thing, would you rather ride on a scooter instead? Another pleasant way to navigate the St. Thomas port is with a bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle. But be warned, the city’s hilly topography and absence of bike trails and lanes frustrate scooter, bike, or motorcycle driving. 

General Information

Currently, the harbor was closed down because of the covid 19 pandemics, but it has been declared safe. If you are an American, you don’t need a passport to visit the city or a negative covid 19 test result to revisit the U.S mainland after your air journey. The harbor’s excellent location offers extensive benefits to travelers, tourists, and businesses because it is constantly busy, beautiful, and flanked by hoards of restaurants, hotels, beaches, etc.

Where to Anchor

Regardless of the number of times you have visited the harbor, the marine is always open to you. To anchor your water vessel visit the Yacht Haven Grande at Charlotte Amalie. The facilities offer superior immigration services, ROA Booth, crew lounge, WIFI, personal shower amenities, round-the-clock security, highly skilled staff, a massive pool, mini stores, laundry services, etc.

St Thomas Harbor, Photo by Brian_Jannsen (source: Pinterest)

History and Culture

The harbor in St. Thomas is regarded as the best in the Caribbean because it accommodates 1000 enormous cruise ships. Overwhelmed by the elegance of the harbor, John P. Knox described its scenery as “exceedingly picturesque and beautiful.” Words cannot describe the fragrant display of excellence of the harbor; no wonder travelers in the past compared it to the Fuchsia view in Madeira Island.


The harbor has many local exotic beaches filled with white sand like the St. Thomas Secret Harbor Beach. The beach possesses all the facilities you can ever imagine. The Sapphire beach is and one among many gorgeous beaches you can visit.

Secret Harbor Beach Resort, photo by secret_harbor_vi (source: Facebook)

Place of Interest

The harbor is beautiful and surrounded by gorgeous places like the momentous Charlotte Amalie district, fishing charter. You can also engage in activities like Gondola sky rides, snorkeling, etc.

Charlotte Amalie District, photo by Wikipedia (source: Wikipedia)

Places to Eat

The Secret Harbor Beach offers fine and casual dining options. You can also enjoy your daily meal or a merry cocktail while viewing the ocean from a grill and bar.

Places to Stay

You can stay at the Secret Harbor Resort, Ritz Carlton, and many other places in and around St. Thomas Harbor. 

Secret Harbor Cuisine, photo by secret_harbor_beach_resort_ (source: Facebook)

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