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Benner Bay (The Lagoon)

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Benner Bay (The Lagoon) is an anchorage in St. Thomas – South Coast.

St. Thomas – South Coast is a charter location in St. Thomas, a yacht charter area in US Virgin Islands.

The anchorages on St. Thomas – South Coast:


Benner Bay is known as the best in St. Thomas. The cove is in the idle network of smaller Islands like Grassy Cay, Rotts Cay, and Cas Cay; these smaller islands spread between the North and Southern part of St Thomas. 

Benner Bay is 8 miles to the West of St. Thomas. It offers so much in terms of side attractions, beaches, food, and more. 


To go round the Bay, you will need to use local transports like a car, or hire a taxi. A scooter and bicycle work fine too. The best plan is to book accommodation before living; ensure that where you choose to stay can provide means of transport around your destination. But usually, in St. Thomas, cars, scooters, bicycles, and motorcycles work fine.

Where to Anchor

When you want to access Benner pay, anchor at the Yacht Haven Grande in Charlotte Amalie. They provide the best anchor services in addition to other benefits like crew lounge, WIFI, 24hrs security, personal shower amenities, laundry services, and many more.

General Information

The Bay is one of the cities in the United States Virgin Island, situated on the east of St. Thomas and the east of Charlotte Amalie. Currently, there are ten airports in the Benner vicinity, and two out of the 10-airports are large.

The strategic position of Benner Bay offers a tremendous opportunity to tour the richness of many Islands. Some of the Islands are Sapphire beach, Trunk Bay, Coki Beach, etc.

Benner Bay, Photo by destination_wedding_and_honeymoon (source:pinterest)

History and Culture

The Cibony, Arawaks, and Caribs were the first settlers in the USVI. Christopher Columbus visited these Islands when he was looking for a path to India. Awed by the beauty of the Island, he gave it the name “Virgin” in respect to the excellent beauty of Ursula plus her 11,000 virgins.

The Island has a culture of natural beauty plus handwork. The scenery of Benner Bay is gorgeous. Linked with networks of a small but beautiful island, visitors should expect to behold the wonders of nature.

Beaches and Place of Interest

Get ready to feast your eyes on radiant beaches like Trunk Bay and Coki Bay, among others. Visitors can easily access multiple beaches in and around Benney Bay like Honeymoon Beach.

Honeymoon Beach

The beach is a peaceful stretch of glowing white sand, lucid water, and rocking palm trees. It is in Caneel Bay resort. They provide lots of facilities and a hut rental meant for water games. If you want a tan, just relax on a deck chair. 

Trunk Bay

This beach is severely protected and popularly located on St. John. It has exciting facilities that you can enjoy and activities that will relax and entertain you. So, lie back and unwind on the richness of the sand, plunge your feet in the cool waters, or put on a snorkel to explore the undersea. With a backdrop of palm trees and dazzling white sand, you will understand why the Island is rated among the top beautiful beaches worldwide.

Coki Beach

They have long lists of facilities and scenery white sands. You can enjoy a swim in their pool filled with fish. If you don’t know how to drive, you have the opportunity to learn from professional trainers in a driving school close to the beach. Sip your best cocktail while sunbathing and try delicious Caribbean snacks.

The National Park

This park occupies 7000 acres of St. John; it accommodates coral reefs, beaches, tropical bays, beautiful beaches, hills, and mangrove swamps. You can stay in the park and you are ensured of a place to eat, stay, feed your eyes, and many more.

Coki Beach, photo by Spherical_adventure (source: pinterest)
National Park, photo by National_Geographic (source pinterest)

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