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Kings Wharf is an anchorage in St. Thomas – South Coast.

St. Thomas – South Coast is a charter location in St. Thomas, a yacht charter area in US Virgin Islands.

The anchorages on St. Thomas – South Coast:


Contrary to what people think, Kings Wharf is not a port but a berth like Heritage wharf. Visitors think it is a port because many cruise lines display it as their destination. 


The original dock is the Royal Naval Dockyard which is the largest in Bermuda. The Dock house has many sailing cruises. It was initially built in 1824 and has since evolved into a beautiful massive complex that attracts visitors and travelers worldwide.


The Kings Wharf is very rich in history. The environment is so inviting that it naturally invites people to take a tour. The best of Bermuda is in the King’s wharf. Start your excursion around it with a scooter from the Elbow beach Cycles. Visitors can get scooters from the beach or bike for easy movement around the cruise berth. However, if your destination is the Royal Navy Dockyard, use a 2-wheel transport. Electric bikes are another means of moving around the dock, and they can be hired online and delivered to you.

General Information:

The berth is notable for several iconic events like the grand ownership transfer of the Virgin Islands from the Danish West Indies to the United States after buying it for $25 million. The epoch-making incident took place in 1917. Although the berth has was drastically transformed, you can still find historical attractions and sites in the vicinity.

Years after the US gained ownership of the Island, it has become the principal tourist destination on the Island that receives more visitors than other wharves in Bermuda; this makes it the most well-liked berth on the Island. The airport has 24 acres with many attractions and features for your delight; so there is no dull moment once you step foot into the dock.

Where to Anchor:

What is the best anchorage made of? The ideal mooring place for boats should be elegant and full of entertainments facilities. There should also be accommodations services. There should be assorted, sumptuous food and drinks nearby. One of the best anchorages that fit the ideal mooring definition is Halifax Harbor.

Beruda V.I, Photo byNancy Jones (Source Pinterest)

Halifax Harbor:

The harbor has it all; class, amenities, beautifully engineered floor, open styled kitchen, gas fireplace, granite counter, massive storage, wall to wall windows, top mooring boat, gym, and coffee store whatever you need, you will find it at Halifax Harbor.

Halifax Harbor, Photo by Vincent (Source: Pexel)

History and Culture

The King’s Wharf is the ideal choice for the largest cruise ship that sailed into the Island. It is on the outskirt of the Island. It used to be the British Naval Base in the 19th century until the United States military set up 2-bases.

Do you know that at one time, the dock was rundown? But in 1980, they modernized it till it became what it is today, the preeminent tourist target in Bermuda.

Nava Base Photo by US_Navy (Source:history.navy)


Beaches are one of the main side attractions in Bermuda because of the pink sand and lavish lifestyle.

The Snorkel Park Beach:

It is situated in the dockyard and is only a 7-minute walk to the wharf. Although it is not natural, many facilities will wow visitors.

Place of Interest

The dock has many incredible places like the Hamilton Harbor, Somerset Bridge, Somerset Village, Beaches, Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, restaurants, etc. Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse is renowned as the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world.

Places to Eat

The Bone Fish Bar and Grill

There are many places where you can satisfy your hunger and taste at the wharf, and the Bone Fish Bar and Grill is one of them. They offer excellent seafood, pasta, Bermudian food, grilled food, etc.

Places to Stay and more

The grandest hotels are on the wharf, namely, Fairmont Southampton hotel, Elbow Beach Hotel, Fairmont Hamilton Princess, and other places.

Bone and Fish grill, Photo by Ville (Source: Pexels)

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