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Charlotte Amalie Town

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Charlotte Amalie Town is an anchorage in St. Thomas – South Coast.

St. Thomas – South Coast is a charter location in St. Thomas, a yacht charter area in US Virgin Islands.

The anchorages on St. Thomas – South Coast:


Charlotte Amalie is the capital of St Thomas and also the biggest city in USVI. The town was previously called Taphus or Beer House. Later it was renamed, Charlotte Amalie. The place possesses multiple side attractions, restaurants, relics, historical artifacts, and many more.


Perhaps one of the best attractions in this impressive town is the harbor was formerly pirates abode. Today, it has transformed into the busiest port for sailing ships in and outside the Caribbean. Every year, over 1.5 million sailing ships arrives the Charlotte Amalie Harbor.


The best way to access Charlotte Amalie from the International Airport is by sea or air. From the airport, travelers can easily book a local flight to other places on the Caribbean Island. If you choose to tour the city by the sea, book a boat going to Anegada or Virgin Gorda, or St. Thomas to Tortola where you can book Tortola Ferry. The fast ferry functions between the United States and the British VI.

If you wish to explore the neighborhood, car transport is your best option. You can hire one at Cheryl E International Airport. If you don’t want a car, hire a taxi instead. Other means of navigation are scooters, bicycles, and motorcycles.

General Information

There are many machine stores, fueling and docking services, local beaches, and structures for relaxation and easy access in and around the town. Arawak, Caribs, Taino natives, and Ciboney local people initially occupied Charlotte Amalie. These natives inhabited the Island until Christopher Columbus turned up in 1943.

There are many colonial structures, history, and buildings in the city. St. Thomas Synagogues is the 2nd oldest synagogue in the US. The city also has a pirate history like the Bluebeard Myth.

Where to Anchor:

After a long trip, the next best thing is to find a safe and secured place to berth your vessel. You can find the best berth place in Charlotte Amalie; it has facilities that include beaches, attractions, accommodation, and what have you.

There are 2-sailing ships moors in Charlotte Amalie Town, and they are Havensight cruise ship dock and the Crown Bay Cruise Ship Dock.

Crown Bay Cruise Ship Dock:

It possesses two spots for docking, and it is situated two miles to the west of the town. The distance to town is quite unpleasant, so consider taking a taxi which costs $5 per passenger.

Magens Bay, photo by four_square (source: foursquare.com)

History and Culture

Charlotte Amalie has incredible past relevance and magnificent structures like the National Historic Landmark. Fort Christian is another historical structure that happens to be the oldest surviving building in the Virgin Island Archipelago.


Beaches in the town have mostly sandy sugar-white beaches that visitors will surely love. A good example is Magens Bay.

Magens Bay is rated as the top-10 beach worldwide; although when more than 5-ships dock in the port can become crowded, but still worth a visit. It has complete amenities, excellent cuisine, top-rated staff, etc.

Charlotte Aalie, photo by Sun_devil_travel (source:sundeviltravel)

Place of Interest

There are many places of interest in the town; you won’t have to walk for long before they start feeding their senses with pure pleasure. If you are hungry and need to eat fast, visit Amalie Café, Gladys CAFÉ, Café Amici, etc. Want to feed your eyes? Go to Blackboard’s Castle, Fort Christian, 99 Steps, and many others.

Places to Eat

CMB Private Chef Service

As the name implies, CMB is a private venture owned by Chef Marshal. He has a high rating for providing delicious meals. If you need a chef to cook your meals on the Island, CMB Private Chef Service is a call away.

Places to Stay and more:

Charlotte Amalie Town has so much to offer, so after touring and seeing incredible places, you will need where to relax and sleep. Consider visiting the Anchorage Beach Resort.

The Anchorage Beach Resort has an excellent rating from previous clients; this is a testament to their service. It is 5.9 miles from the city hub and offers excellent facilities and cuisine.

Restaurant in Charlotte Amalie, photo by travel_en_vogue (source:travelenvogue)

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