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Long Bay/Yacht Haven Grande Marina

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Long Bay/Yacht Haven Grande Marina is an anchorage in St. Thomas – South Coast.

St. Thomas – South Coast is a charter location in St. Thomas, a yacht charter area in US Virgin Islands.

The anchorages on St. Thomas – South Coast:


Long Bay/Yacht Haven Grande Marina is in St. Thomas. The marina is known as the best in the Caribbean and St. Thomas. If you are planning a getaway, start your search in YHG. Currently, it received a prestigious Gold Anchor award.

They are the first and only Grande Marina to receive the award in USVI and North America. Apart from their excellent service, it has attractive sites, beaches, beautiful scenery, etc.


The best navigation option in the marina is a car. Alternatively, you can decide to move around in a taxi. If you chose to rent a vehicle, visit Cyril E located outside the airport.

Always ensure that the rented car is licensed and authorized, and avoid gypsy taxis. You can identify licensed and permitted cars by the size of the vehicle.

Another way you can move around the marina is a scooter, bicycle, or motorcycle. But because of the hilly terrain in St. Thomas, you may have problems riding smoothly.

Cyril E king Airport, Photo by Wikipedia (source: Wikipedia)

Where to Anchor

If you are a yacht owner looking for a secured harbor for your asset, visit the Anchor Club. The club runs a loyalty program in the marina for yacht owners and captains. Visitors can amass points to spend on services, gifts, charities, and travel.

Your stay in the club is safe without blackout periods. Registration is easy and free. As a member, you can dock your vessel in any part of the world; if they have offices there.

Grande Marina, photo by water_way_guide (source: waterwayguide.com)

General Information

The Yacht is superior to others in North America because of its outstanding performance and achievements. The award it received was significant because it took place 2-years after it experienced two devastating hurricanes within one month.

Unperturbed by the natural disasters, the staff showed their toughness when they hosted the yearly Yacht Show (VIPCA Charter).

Their ability to make a sublime come back from a natural disaster, the resilience of the workers, plus their gorgeous sites, beaches, hotels, magnificent structures, etc., make it a go-to place for travelers and tourists.

VIPC Charter Yearly Show, photo by high_point_yachting (source: highpointtachting.com)

History and Culture

For an awe-inspiring and exquisite place like the Grande Marina, professionalism and result is a culture. The excellence displayed in the marina is a testament to their habit of excellence.

A popular place like secret Harbor Beach is one of the many attractions at YHG. The beach provides formal and informal dining choices at the beachfront.


Do you enjoy snorkeling; you will love Coki Point and Sapphire Beach. Apart from the Snorkel game, let yourself loose in watersports, dining by the beachside, and many more.

Coki Point Resort, photo by Shutter_stock (source: shutterstock.com)

Place of Interest

What do you expect to get from a place like a marina? Engrossing structures, magnificent scenery, attractive beaches like the Morning Star Beach Resort, await you.

Sapphire Beach Resort, photo by antille_resort (source: antilleresort.com)

Places to Eat

Satisfy your taste and hunger in Enkai Sushi bar, where you will eat excellent food and drinks. Navy Beach is another place to taste sumptuous food at the marina. Craving for delicious and top-quality coffee? Visit Bad Ass Coffee.

Places to Stay and more:

The Marriott Frenchman’s Reef, Ritz Carlton, Secret Harbor Beach, etc., are first-class places to stay.

Enkai Sushi Bar, photo by what_to_do_vi (source:whattodo-vi.com)

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