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Careening Cove (Hassel Island)

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Careening Cove (Hassel Island) is an anchorage in St. Thomas – South Coast.

St. Thomas – South Coast is a charter location in St. Thomas, a yacht charter area in US Virgin Islands.

The anchorages on St. Thomas – South Coast:


The Careening Cove is Hassel and happens to be where the original Pirates of the Caribbean fixed their ships. The terrain is risky and hard to tour because of the stickers and thorns on the Island. Hassel forms the Western outskirt of St Thomas Harbor. The Island occupies a distance of 135 acres, and the Southern Peak is the highest altitude you can discover on the Island.

The Island has a rich history preserved in the National Park that occupies 95% of the Island acquired in 1978. The sole duty of the park is to maintain the Island’s rich history and heritage.

The place is not only popular for its rich historical attractions, but its beauty, beaches, restaurants, and many other exciting attractions.


How to navigate the Island and access this Grand Island is the desire of all travelers. The best option is hiking. Hassel Terrain is rocky and dangerous, therefore risky to move around the Island with any other transport options except hiking.

Hiking trails were constructed for easy movement through the rocky Island. So following the hiking trails, you can access old passages and structures along the way. If you feel confident enough to tour alone, follow informational trail markings. Also, before setting for a self-guided tour, ensure you study the trail map before you visit. Guided tours are highly advised if you are not used to the Hassel Island terrain.

General Information

Hiking through the trails will lead you to ancient ruins situated against a spectacular backdrop. The Hassel Island was formerly at St. Thomas, but was separated from St. Thomas and declared an Island in the 1860s. The attempt to enhance water distribution by digging a channel resulted in the creation of Hassel.

The Island has many buildings, forts, and barracks because of the British activity in the Land. Tourists can access these left behind structures through signpost trails leading to viewing local wildlife, the remains of the oldest steam-powered marine railway, and many more.

Where to Anchor:

The first option is to anchor at Hassel Island then visit other places like Crown Bay Marina. There are many private berths at the North part of the Water Island, but mooring space is limited. At Crown Bay you can find laundry, grocery stores, and free liner dock.

Trunk Bay, photo by four_square (Source: pinterest)

History and Culture

The Hassel Island is replete with history, structures, buildings, incredible places like the Willoughby Garrison House, Creque Marine Railway constructed in 1840

Hassel Island is not all about old buildings or mooring boats; there are other facilities that people can enjoy like beaches, restaurants, cuisine, etc.

Willoughby Garrison House, Photo by Historic_Pictoric (source: pinterest)


You can relax and enjoy beaches like Coki Beach, Trunk Bay, and Sapphire Beach, etc.

Trunk Bay:

At Trunk Bay, you will enjoy sparkling waters, white sand, palms, and dazzling facilities. The beach is rich and worth visiting. On your next trip stopover at Trunk Bay and discover why it is rated as one of the top beaches in the world.

Place of Interest

Apart from the relics, structures, and rich historical backgrounds, Hassel Island has rich cuisines you can eat and drool over if you desire. Visitors can enjoy fresh shrimp and dipping sauce. Engage in fun activities like swimming with turtles, snorkeling, and so on.

Places to Eat

Cariga’s Island Cafe

The café provides excellent but affordable spot breakfast and tastes good. If you want great food, visit Cariga’s Island Café.

Places to Stay and more

The Bunker Hill Hotel

The hotel is a place to bunk in after a long day of sightseeing. The hotel is on the historic edge of the Island to find attractions like Blackbeard’s Castle and Haagensen House.

Windward Passage Hotel

If your primary reason for traveling is sightseeing, the Windward Passage Hotel is where you should stay. This hotel is near the airport; in 15-minute you can get to Blackbeard’s Castle, Estate Hassel Island, St. Thomas Synagogue, and Magic Ice Gallery.

Cariga’s Island Café, photo by Olga_Lion_Cat (source: pinterest)

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