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Lindbergh Bay is an anchorage in Charlotte Amalie.

Charlotte Amalie is a charter location in St. Thomas, a yacht charter area in US Virgin Islands.

The anchorages on Charlotte Amalie:


Lindbergh Bay is located just minutes from St. Thomas Airport and downtown Charlotte Amalie. It is a perfect spot to start your St. Thomas, USVI trip as it is surrounded by a wide range of beaches, parks, galleries, restaurants, and resorts that you can stay at.

General Information

Lindbergh bay is named after the popular American aviator Charles A. Lindbergh. It is a sparsely populated beach town located in St. Thomas and it is surrounded by beaches where you can try out numerous water activities like day charter, scuba diving, snorkeling, and so on. The bay is surrounded by a network of roads which makes the bay accessible.

Where To Anchor

You will find an anchorage E of the airport. You will find a sandy beach at the head of the bay. Although it is a good spot to anchor, the orientation of the spot means you can experience big swells rolling in.

Caution: When leaving to the W of the bay, go S of the green buoy to help avoid the reefs and shoals around the Red Pt.

Lindbergh Bay, photo by Senormandarin (source: instagram)


Latitude: 18.3313° or 18° 19′ 52.8″ north

Longitude: -64.9676° or 64° 58′ 3.5″ west

The closest station to the bay is Cyril E. King Airport which is just 682m (12 minutes’ walk). The Blyden Ferry Terminal is also about 3755m away (52 minutes’ walk).

It is possible to get a cab from Charlotte Amalie to Lindbergh Bay. Public transport buses like bus 101 and bus 102 also pass near Lindbergh Bay. The nearest bus stop in Lindbergh Bay is just 12 minutes’ walk from the anchorage.


Emerald beach

Emerald Beach is a white sandy beach that overlooks Lindbergh Bay. You will find this beach close to the airport on the other side of the crown bay cruise ship terminal. The beach has several amenities like restrooms and showers, chair rentals, water sports rentals, a bar, and restaurant, etc.

Lindbergh Bay Beach

Lindbergh Bay was formerly called Emerald beach before it was named after the popular American aviator, Charles A. Lindbergh. The beach is surrounded by palm trees and sea grape trees to provide natural shade.

The water at Lindbergh beach is very calm, making it ideal for wading, swimming, or even floating along. Lindbergh beach is right in front of an emerald beach resort, and you can drink at their open-air beachfront bar.

Places of Interest

Paradise Point

Paradise point is a 700 feet mountain where you can enjoy great views of Charlotte Amalie and the harbor. You can start exploring the mountain by taking a 7-minute ride up the mountain in a gondola found across the street from Havensight cruise ship dock and shopping centers.

At the top of the mountain, you will get to enjoy live music, explore shops and eat while enjoying the views. Some of the highlights of this spot are popular bushwhackers, sunsets views, nature trails, and bird shows.

Paradise point, photo by gold_gamet (source: instagram)

Day Trip To Charlotte Amalie

Charlotte Amalie is considered as the largest city in the US Virgin Islands. Lindbergh bay is located just downtown Charlotte Amalie and shopping centers surround it. Apart from the shopping centers, you will also find numerous attractions and historical sites such as the 99 steps, Fort Christian, Lutheran church, Blackbeard’s Castle, Magic ice gallery, St. Thomas synagogue, etc.

You can easily explore Charlotte Amalie on foot.

Charlotte Amalie by viaggiovagando (source: instagram)

Places to Eat

Emerald Beach Bar

Emerald beach bar is located just on Lindbergh Bay beach. The restaurant is a hotspot in St. Thomas.

The New Ashleys

Airport Rd, Charlotte Amalie 00802 St. Thomas

This is an open-air restaurant where every menu served is homemade. Although they have a limited menu, they offer both American and Caribbean cuisine.

Walkers By The beach

00802 Cabritaberg, US Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands

Walkers by the beach is a seafood restaurant that markets itself as a true Christian restaurant. The restaurant does not serve alcohol except for the limited choice of wine.

Walkers by the beach by fwevl (source: instagram)

Places to Stay

Lindbergh Bay Hotel and Villas

Lindbergh bay hotel and villas are situated just close to Lindbergh beach and the airport.Lindbergh bay hotel and villas are easily accessible, and it is not far from numerous tourist attractions such as Virgin Islands National Park, Cruz Bay Visitor Center, etc.

Windward Passage Hotel

The Windward passage hotel is located in St. Thomas, and it is not far from the beach and airport. The hotel is situated in a central location which makes exploring quite easy. Tourist attractions and shopping malls surround the hotel.

Emerald Beach Resort

Emerald beach resort is located just on Lindbergh Bay beach and close to the airport. Some of the local landmarks close to the resort are St. Thomas Synagogue, Fort Christian. From the hotel, you can also visit tourist attractions like paradise point, coral world ocean park, and so on.

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