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St. Thomas (South Coast)

The anchorages on St. Thomas (South Coast):


Saint Thomas is the main east Caribbean Island among others such as; Saint John, Water Island, Hassel Island, and Saint Croix, making up the United States Virgin Islands. St Thomas is about 32 square miles in area, largely formed on a ridge of hills running east and west with branching spurs, little plains, a tillable land, and a summit of Crown Mountain (1,556 feet). It Is a volcanic island lying 40 miles east of Puerto Rico with a temperature ranging between 70 -90 F or an average of 26 c. The climate is mostly semiarid with less rainfall making it the chief asset favorable for tourist destinations. Its capital Charlotte Amalie has a well-sheltered harbor making it one of the busiest cruise ports in the world; it is well-suited place for hotels and resorts due to the calmer sea. On the island’s northern side, there are several springs but just one tiny stream. The island has also a white sandy beach which is regarded as the best in the West Indies.

General Information

St Thomas is widely regarded as one of the ultimate tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Warm aquamarine waters, natural harbors, and sandy beaches are the features the island offers. It is mind-blowing in terms of the number of sceneries, beautiful weather, and all-rounded ingredients for tourists to explore and have the best time. It has spot fishing, diving, and sailing for the people who are enthusiastic about the activity. Finally, St Thomas and the rest of the Virgin Islands are situated on a strategically important passageway for trans-Atlantic ship route through Panama Canal.


On St. Thomas, international jet flight services are available. The road network is fairly good with the availability of rental vehicles, taxis, and passenger bus services. There is also accessibility of car and passenger ferries services to move to other neighboring islands, cargo vessels connecting to all ports nearing and abroad. Finally, cruise terminals are available at downtown Charlotte Amalie, Crown Bay, and Haven sight.

Where to Anchor

The island has several natural bays in almost all corners of the islands for small vessels and harbors for ships to dock/ anchor such as Havensight pier and long bay. Anchoring is allowed up to 14 days in a particular bay and 6 months in an area as per USVI regulations. Anchoring in national parks or around coral reefs is prohibited. It is advisable to be mindful of large cow and calf rocks when sailing from Cowpet bay to the south. Moors are also available.

St Thomas, Photo by Emerald Beach Resort {Source: Facebook)

History of St. Thomas Island

Before Columbus arrived in 1493, the original inhabitants were Arawak who were displaced by the Caribs. The Danish West India Company followed in 1671 and introduced a sugar cane plantation and slavery. In 1815 St Thomas became a free port leading to a shipping center for all the European countries culminating in the formation of Charlotte Amalie as the headquarters. The United States bought it for 25 million dollars from Danish and established a naval base. The US developed infrastructure and formulated a municipal council to govern the territory and finally the post-war rise of tourism on the island.

Place of interest

Bolongo Bay

This is a breath-taking paradise with a variety of sceneries and luxurious accommodation consisting of white beautiful sandy beaches, crystal waters, resorts, restaurants, and a beautiful sunset on the horizon. Some of the hotels in Bolongo bay offer numerous services and activities such as sailing around and speed boat thrills.

Saba bay/ Turtledove Flat Cays/Coral reefs

Saba is at the south-central coast of St Thomas a natural habitat of a variety of birds’ species. Sea bird nesting area is normally at remote flat cay which is less vulnerable to predators. This offers beautiful scenery of birds. Christmas cove is an awesome place one can snorkel and observe turtles, coral reefs while swimming. Several sea ecological sanctuaries around the island provide a glimpse of the importance and beauty of nature

Bolongo Bay, Photo by Bolongo Bay Beach Resort (Source: Instagram)

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